Nobel’s K-Series protects kitchens at School

Nobel Fire Systems has installed its K-Series kitchen fire suppression system in various kitchens which serve the dining facilities at Bromsgrove School. The School is in the top ten of all British co-educational boarding/day schools and has an international reputation for outstanding academic achievement. As well as a modern food-hall style servery area and new staff dining facilities, the project created a brand-new kitchen which now caters for all school diners and visitors.

The project, managed by CHR Catering Equipment is part of the refurbishment and extension programme of the existing dining hall which now provides a state of the art food hall that caters for 1,400 students each day including boarders.

The safety of pupils, staff and visitors was a key factor in all decisions taken regarding the kitchen fire protection programme and working closely together, Nobel and CHR Equipment carried out an initial comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the requirement of successful fire suppression together with the school’s interruption potential. Following completion of the risk assessment and fully understanding the specific needs of the school, Nobel was then able to design and install a fire protection system to meet all regulatory requirements and provide full cover for all appliances and the surrounding areas.

Nobel’s K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected. The systems are electronically controlled with no mechanical moving parts. Installations comprise of one or a number of stainless steel cylinders, each containing a highly effective F class wet chemical liquid designed specifically for fast flame knock down and fire suppression. The low, near neutral pH value of the liquids ensures that there is no damage to the kitchen appliances, and as a direct consequence of the efficiency of K-Series in limiting the volume of liquid required to control the situation, there is minimal clean-up requirements following discharge.

The award winning K-Series is one of the UK’s premier wet chemicals kitchen fire suppression systems providing full protection to all cooking appliances, extract canopies and duct work. Installed in many of the UK’s leading schools, colleges and universities, K-Series continues to underline its ability to provide the right fire suppression answers to the most challenging situations.
Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems commented:

“As is the case with most school catering kitchens, these wonderful new facilities at Bromsgrove School are continually busy and well used. We all know that when it comes to any form of commercial catering there’s no room for complacency regarding the risk of fire because of the potentially devastating consequences. Now that this installation has been completed, pupils, staff and visitors have the reassurance that the kitchen fire suppression system will keep them fully protected”