The Extinguishing Agent

Recognised as being one of the most effective fire suppression agents available, potassium suppresses fire by a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms similar to Halon but without the negative effects on the environment. Because of the aerosol’s ultra-fine particle size (1-2μ micron) there is a dramatic increase in the surface area interaction between the agent and the fire. Potassium based aerosol has proved in numerous tests to be a highly effective alternative to other extinguishing agents. Unlike some gaseous agents, the aerosol does not decompose in the presence of heat nor does it extinguish by oxygen deprivation. The result is an ultra fast fire knock down capacity and due to the potassium aerosol being suspended in the air of an enclosure for extended periods; it possesses long post fire security and can easily

be vented after discharge. The Stat-X aerosol generator is hermetically sealed and has been evaluated for temperatures down to -40 degrees Centigrade and humidity (up to 95% relative humidity). Accelerated aging tests have shown the generator’s charge maintains its viability for 10 years and longer. Being unpressurised without the requirement for nozzles, pipework is ultra-reliable and requires very little maintenance. Stat-X has undergone and passed stringent US accreditation under UL and is approved to UL2775. It is the only Condensed Aerosol to have undergone independent assessment by the US Environmental Protection Agency and deemed ‘Safe For Occupied Spaces’. Stat-X also holds a wide range of international approvals such as ISO 9001, ULC – Activfire Australia and the US Military.

Insightful Experience Innovative Solutions

Nobel’s Stat-X fire suppression systems are used in critical applications across a wide range of industries around the globe. Because of their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire systems are protecting company assets throughout the world, providing advanced methods of fire safety for use across more challenging applications.


From multinational manufacturers to small independent producers, Nobel is providing industrial fire protection systems to ensure safe and productive working environments 24/7 whatever the circumstances.


In the punishingly demanding mining environment, dangerous fires are a frequent occurrence. Protecting surface vehicles, mobile equipment, and electrical components from fire is therefore of critical importance.


Residential, commercial and public property all contain assets in need of protection. Most significantly the people, but also the documents and hardware.


Marine and Offshore
There may be significant differences in size and usage but all marine vessels, boats and offshore oil rigs have one thing in common, an absolute commitment to avoiding a fire on board.

Catering fire

Industrial fryers represent an obvious fire hazard within the global fast food industry with residual oil and grease in the internal compartments providing fuel for electrical and gas malfunctions.


Getting people and product from A to B is an essential part of the modern world, even more important is ensuring this is done safely for driver and passengers alike.


Utilities/Power Generation
All businesses have critical assets in the form of building and/or plant infrastructure. The protection of these assets from the risk of fire is essential to help alleviate down time.


The emphasis on data protection has never been greater. Whilst keeping data safe from fire is critical, the means of doing so must be clean and have minimal impact on the environment.


Fire fighting
Nobel’s Stat-X First Responder is an innovative, portable unit for use by emergency responders in emergency egress or entrance situations where every second counts.

Stat-X Control panels


Nobel has a range of specifically designed control panels to interface fire detection and actuation of Stat-X units for differing risk locations. The panels can be connected to Mains power or derive power from 12-30VDC supplies or there is an invaluable ability to provide a totally stand alone self sufficient unit requiring no outside power source. All control panels also have an ability to have automatic or manual release capability with tamper proof release points, should the need to actuate the system manually arise and facilitates full fault monitoring on all detector and actuation circuits ensuring any faults with the system are immediately flagged.

Critical Applications in Numerous Industries

Stat-X fire suppression systems are used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. Because of their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire protection systems are protecting company assets throughout the world.

Stat-X Key benefits

  • Significantly more effective than alternative extinguishing agents
  • Environmentally friendly, Ozone depletion potential (ODP) = 0
  • Zero global warming potential
  • Easy installation – no pressure vessels, piping or nozzles required
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Provides reliable, cost effective protection for a wide range of fixed and transport related fire hazards
  • Suitable for enclosed facilities and ‘local’ applications
  • Tested and Listed to UL Standard 2127
  • Safe for personnel – non harmful at design application rates
  • Does not reduce oxygen levels in the enclosure
  • Will not damage electronic equipment or magnetic media
  • The aerosol suspends in air for extended suppression hold times and is quick and easy to vent after discharge
  • Compact – up to 90% reduction in space and weight requirement
  • No risk of loss of expellant gases

Systems are installed based on established and tested design densities and application rates are designed specifically to the volume of the compartment being protected.