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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The Nobel K-Series wet chemical Suppression System is one of Europe’s premier kitchen and galley fire suppression systems. The wet chemical suppression system employs defence technology ‘Gas Generators’, similar to the technology used in life safety applications such as car airbags, which enhance safety, reliability and enable complete monitoring of the system. Each fire system is designed specifically around the risk at hand giving complete flexibility and control.

The K-Series galley and kitchen fire suppression system offers unrivalled capabilities and service, affording full protection to all the required cooking appliances, extract canopy and duct work with the ability to extend that protection to prevent fire spread through the ductwork to adjacent or adjoining areas.

Integrating seamlessly into the kitchen or galley environment, each fire suppression system is installed in stainless steel to enhance the working life and endurance of the product. Aesthetic appearance plays a key role in design, as such all pipework, nozzles, detection and control are installed in complete sympathy with the appearance, functionality and strict hygiene requirements of the kitchen, ensuring that the kitchen designers concept is not compromised by unsightly brackets and fixtures.

The K-Series system is C.E. Marked and fully conforms to EN 16282-7.

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