More than just fire protection

The focus of fire suppression is rightly one of quickly limiting the amount of damage a fire can cause. Sometimes that’s not enough. Critical facilities can require an even higher level of fire protection.

Small fires, even those contained to a single area can cause problems in a critical operation. For instance, most sprinkler systems activate when temperatures reach a pre-set level, often after a fire is established and equipment damage may have begun. Traditional water based agents are electrically conductive and can cause current flow resulting in damage to sensitive electrical equipment. There’s also the problem of clean up, drying out equipment and resultant loss making down time.

Nobel provides the design, installation and servicing of all the gaseous systems with the risk to be protected dictating the choices available, taking into consideration the effect on the environment, type of fire risk, physical constraints, building structure and location, practicality and economic considerations.

To help alleviate these problems, Nobel Fire Systems offers a full range of gaseous fire suppression systems to cover all risks.

Chemical gases: FM 200 ; HFC 227 ; HFC125 ; FE13 ; Novec1230

Inert Gases: IG 541; IG 55 ; IG 100 ; IG 01 (Argon Nitrogen Co2; Argon Nitrogen ; Argonite; Argogen)


Nobel are SP203 certified

Nobel Gaseous systems offer:

  • Effective protection for premises/ equipment that would otherwise sustain damage if exposed to conventional fire protection
  • No clean up required in the event of fire breaking out
  • Rapid recovery of business operations
  • Systems installed to relevant British and European standards