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Water Mist

The Nobel Water Mist system provides a highly effective alternative to other fire suppression systems, for use across a wide range of property applications. Environmentally friendly and with greater heat absorption efficiency.


The focus of fire suppression is rightly one of quickly limiting the amount of damage a fire can cause. Sometimes that’s not enough. Critical facilities can require an even higher level of fire protection.


Stat-X is an innovative, self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system, proven to be extremely effective in use across a wide range of applications and is especially effective where there is a need to protect critical areas and high value enclosures.


Nobel FS-Series use liquid based extinguishing agents such as foam additives and utilise low pressure (4-14 bar) mist technology nozzles. The risk within each specific application dictates the suppression medium type and the quantity of nozzles used, their position within the risk area and the flow rates.