Suggested Products


Stat-X is a self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system proven to be extremely effective in use across a wide range of applications and especially where there’s a need to protect critical areas and hardware housing data and other information records.

Oxygen Reduction

The Nobel Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention System is based exactly on that principle. By keeping the atmosphere in the designated fire protection areas low in oxygen, and significantly below that required for combustion, the system prevents fires occurring while still remaining perfectly safe for human occupation.

Water Mist

The Nobel Water Mist system provides a highly effective alternative to other fire suppression systems, for use across a wide range of data protection applications. Environmentally friendly and with greater heat absorption efficiency.


The focus of fire suppression is rightly one of quickly limiting the amount of damage a fire can cause. Sometimes that’s not enough. Critical  facilities such as data rooms can require an even higher level of fire protection.