Fire Suppression Systems in the Food Manufacturing & Process Industry

Faulty machine parts and high process temperatures are just two of the potential causes of overheating, sparks or other hot spots which can then activate fire and dust explosions in mechanical and pneumatic conveying facilities in addition to downstream filters, silos and bins. There are numerous danger zones or risk areas that need to be continually protected and these include;

  • Industrial fryers
  • Extraction systems
  • Dryers
  • Silos
  • Mixers
  • Drums
  • Sieves
  • Filters
  • Hammer mills
  • Ovens

The consequences of fire

Fires within the industry are an occupational hazard and can seriously impact on the future viability of a company. The key to maintaining business critical continuity is to take a proactive approach and ensure that the most appropriate fire suppression system is matched to individual needs. A fire can have serious consequences for your company:

  • Injury and loss of human life
  • Damage to machines, transport facilities and storage space
  • Production interruptions
  • Loss of income
  • Repair or replacement costs owing to damaged or ruined machines
  • Loss of customers

Nobel’s unique approach 

Nobel is unique in its ability to provide specific, purpose designed and engineered fire suppression solutions for all types of risk.

Designed and engineered in the UK, Nobel’s fire suppression systems provide superior fire  protection for all types of applications. The start point for Nobel is to make a full assessment of the risk area and that of the surrounding areas. From that information the type of system, configuration and size is established. Where relevant, all nozzles and pipework are manufactured from stainless steel giving excellent durability and a long service life. They also provide an easy wipe down surface to aid hygiene requirements.

Available System types include; Gas, Watermist, Wet Chemical and Condensed Aerosol.