Catering - Case Study


Industry: Catering
Product: K-Series

Lower Lifetime Costs, Longer Service Intervals, The Choice was Clear

The UK’s leading fire suppression company, Nobel Fire Systems and its K-Series range is the fire system of choice for KFC restaurants. KFC has in excess of 700 restaurants throughout the UK and has ambitious growth plans for opening new stores in addition to increasing its franchise business. Its declared policy is to use available investment to refurbish current stores in order to enhance the customer experience.

For KFC the solution came after careful consultation and examination of the available systems on the market. They decided on Nobel’s ‘K-Series’, after it clearly demonstrated flexibility of design and speed of installation saving them both time and money. Coupled with lower life time costs, with longer service intervals, the choice was clear.

The forward thinking design of the system also convinced them it could withstand the rigours of their kitchens, whilst being understood quickly by staff and not impacting negatively on the appearance of the restaurants. The quality of the product and installation was also a primary factor, with Nobel able to look after the installations from start to finish, manufacturing the system and having in-house design, installation and maintenance teams.

The Nobel Fire Systems K-Series is now in many of the UK’s and European leading commercial kitchens, underlining its ability to provide the right fire suppression answers to the most challenging situations.

As in the case of KFC, the K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected.

Every system is designed following a comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the requirement of successful fire suppression and a client’s interruption potential.