Union Approval for Nobel Fire Systems

Nobel Fire Systems has completed the design and installation of a fire suppression system in the commercial kitchen of the Students Union at Worcester University.
Located at the heart of the St John’s campus, the Worcester University Students’ Union is situated in a newly refurbished building and provides an ideal location for students to relax and socialise. The new Pear Tree bar and coffee house has a hectic and demanding schedule being open every day during the week until 11.00pm and serving a variety of hot food and beverages.
Nobel’s market leading K-Series system was considered to be the perfect choice to compliment the clean and aesthetic lines of the new kitchen as well as providing full protection for all appliances during the hectic working week.
In any commercial kitchen, hot oils and naked flames heighten the potential risk of fire which can in the worse situation lead to the endangering of lives and substantial damage to property. Not surprisingly, student and staff safety was the key influencing factor in the decision to install the Nobel K-Series system. However, the speed of installation by Nobel’s own specialist team of engineers also helped in the overall decision making process.
Nobel’s K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected. The systems are electronically controlled with no mechanical moving parts. Installations comprise of one or a number of stainless steel cylinders, each containing a highly effective F class wet chemical liquid designed specifically for fast flame knock down and fire suppression. The low, near neutral pH value of the liquids ensures that there is no damage to the commercial kitchen appliances, and as a direct consequence of the efficiency of K-Series in limiting the volume of liquid required to control the situation, there is minimal clean-up requirements following discharge.
Like all Nobel systems, the installation at Worcester Students Union was designed following a comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the total requirement of successful fire suppression.
Commenting on the project, Nobel’s Commercial Director, Ben Parker said, “A major part of our success is due to our ability to deliver services in a flexible and bespoke way in addition to providing market leading products that are now installed in many of the leading catering establishments”.