Nobel Fire Systems are proud to have been involved in the development of the gas attack protection system described in the attached news story and are pleased to have provided essential components for the system which helped foil an attack on the cash machine at a major high street bank.

A GAS attack on a bank cash machine spectacularly failed, thanks to an impressive ATM protection product developed and delivered by a partnership between Gunnebo UK and the Safe & Vault Company.

The delighted customer – a major high street bank – praised their Gas Attack Protection (GP-X) system, which foiled the night time raid at a branch.

The would-be thieves left empty-handed when the GP-X detected the gas, triggered the alarm and prevented the explosion.

“Unlike similar attacks, there was no collateral damage to the bank building and the money remained secure inside the ATM. The branch was able to open for business as usual the next morning,” reported Gunnebo UK Key Account Manager Steve Lockhart.

The GP-X was installed by Wolverhampton-based security solutions experts Gunnebo UK and was developed by Leeds-based Safe & Vault Company to address the increase in ATM gas attacks in the UK.

The GP-X can be factory-fitted and retro-fitted to existing machines. GPX detects flammable gas or oxygen and then implements a range of measures to prevent the explosion and fire, as well as triggering an alarm.