Shere delight at new fire protection system

Nobel Fire Systems has been commissioned to fit its K-Series kitchen fire suppression system in the kitchen of the Shere Khan Express restaurant at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.
Opened in 2001, the restaurant has proved a huge hit with customers looking for an alternative ‘meal on the move’. Since then, further Express outlets in food courts at Bluewater and Meadowhall have prospered while the company has also grown into a multi million pound global operation with marketing networks and partnerships in destinations such as Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Spain and France.
In the Shere Khan’s Trafford Centre restaurant, Nobel removed the existing inadequate system where consultation and analysis indicated that there was a need for additional fire suppression coverage across the numerous high risk appliances.
Further Research showed that Nobel Fire Systems K-Series would meet all the important aesthetic qualities required by the Shere Khan.  Another positive as far as the commissioning team was concerned was the fact that the chosen fire suppression system could be fitted quickly and efficiently by one of Nobel Fire Systems installation teams resulting in minimum downtime.
The Nobel Fire Systems K-Series is now in many of the UK’s and European leading commercial kitchens, underlining its ability to provide the right fire suppression answers to the most challenging situations. The K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected and are only designed following a comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the requirement of successful fire suppression and a client’s interruption potential.