Nobel’s Stat-X protects Taylor Engineering & Plastic sites

Leading fire suppression company Nobel Fire Systems has worked closely with Taylor Engineering & Plastics to protect a number of ovens, mixing rooms, curing rooms, control rooms and spray booths across two of the company’s sites.

TEP specialise in the manufacture of technical plastic mouldings for a wide range of industries offering a complete turnkey service, producing enclosures and components for a wide range of industries. The company’s ongoing investment programme has seen the introduction of business critical technology and the need to protect this investment against the potential of damage or loss through fire is an important issue.

After talking to a number of prospective fire suppression suppliers TEP appointed Nobel Fire Systems on the basis that its solution presented provided a totally efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective fire suppression system.

Before arriving at the preferred solution Nobel conducted a thorough risk-based analysis of the two sites working closely with TEP’s in-house team of experts. Prior to Nobel’s involvement, TEP had already been quoted for a CO2 system but this had been rejected on the grounds of CO2 being an asphyxiant and reliant on the reduction of oxygen for suppression. Given the quantities required in the various locations it was thought to be too dangerous for staff members working in those areas because if the system were to discharge, operatives could very quickly be affected and overcome.

Given the overall operational circumstances Nobel recommended an innovative fire suppression system that combines science and economics while at the same time providing total effectiveness and reliability. The system known as Stat-X allows easy and cost-effective installation for all  challenging applications.

The Stat-X fire suppression systems is a second generation Condensed Aerosol technology manufactured to all major international standards and approvals. It’s a patented potassium-based aerosol that’s ecologically safe, up to ten times more effective than any current gaseous alternatives and with zero ozone depletion and no global warming potential. A major benefit is that the system requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipework. All factors which result in significant installation and maintenance savings. In addition, it contains no stored pressure like most other systems and is hermetically sealed. It also has a 10 year effective life under current UL testing. The units are manufactured in high grade stainless steel and are hermetically sealed.
It’s a fire suppression system that’s been proven to be simple, practical, reliable and extremely cost-effective and is in use across a wide range of industrial sectors.

In a worse case situation where fire breaks out, Stat-X can be operated both automatically and manually. There are no clean up requirements as the fire suppression medium is an extremely fine potassium particulate that reacts chemically with the fire to extinguish the flames. There is no reduction of oxygen and it’s non-toxic. Another big advantage lies in the fact that the particulate remains in suspension for up to an hour thereby giving any materials ample time to cool and preventing the fire from potentially re-igniting.

Stat-X aerosol units require no maintenance and have an expected shelf life of up to 10 years.  Where needed, the system’s control panel can be easily connected to the property fire alarm for notification purposes.

In the case of TEP, Nobel Fire Systems has been able to provide and install a competitively priced fire suppression system, quickly, efficiently and with the additional bonus of a space and maintenance saving solution.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems commented,
“Stat-X has for some time been recognised as a world leading fire suppression product. Its effectiveness is very apparent as more and more businesses continue to install Stat-X across a wide sector of industries and applications. It’s helping maintain our valued reputation as a company that strives to meet the exact needs of customers through providing innovative, world class solutions.”