Nobel’s Stat-X chosen by Brookes Precision Engineers

Operating seven days a week and with divisions in South East Asia and the USA, Brookes Precision Engineers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality engineered products including precision gears, chain wheels and conveyor chains.

Following a ‘risk assessment’ by their insurers, Brookes took the decision to upgrade their current foam fire protection system on existing machinery and at the same time chose to install Nobel Fire Systems Stat-X condensed aerosol system on new machinery which included large gear cutting and CNC equipment.

The outdated foam system was replaced on-site by Nobel’s installation engineers who also made use of the original control panel and wiring saving both time and money while doing so.

Because of their overall size, the large gear cutting machines have been fitted with multiple Stat-X fire suppression systems and now provide Brookes with all the fire safety reassurances they need.
Stat-X is a self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system that doesn’t require intricate pipework and nozzles to be fitted. Given that the installation was carried out on-site this was a particular advantage as space around the machines is at a premium and it also meant that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.

In the case of a fire breaking out, Stat-X can be operated both automatically and manually. There are no clean up requirements as the fire suppression medium is an extremely fine potassium particulate that reacts chemically with the fire to extinguish the flames. Another big advantage lies in the fact that the particulate remains in suspension for up to an hour thereby giving any materials ample time to cool and preventing the fire from potentially re-igniting.

Stat-X aerosol units require no maintenance and have an expected shelf life of up to 10 years. Where needed, the system’s control panel can be easily connected to the property fire alarm for notification purposes.

As far as Brookes Precision Engineers is concerned, Nobel Fire Systems has been able to provide and install a competitively priced fire suppression system, quickly, efficiently and with the additional bonus of a space and maintenance saving solution.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems, Europe’s exclusive Stat-X distributor said, “Stat-X has for some time been recognised as a world leading fire suppression product. Its effectiveness is very apparent as more and more businesses continue to install Stat-X across a wide sector of industries and applications.”