Nobel K-Series takes top billing at First Direct Arena

Nobel Fire Systems has installed its market-leading K-Series kitchen fire suppression system to catering outlets within the First Direct Arena.

Situated in Leeds city centre, the First Direct Arena hosts live music, entertainment shows and sporting events. The arena which opened in 2013 has a capacity of 13,000 and as well as seeing world-class live acts such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, audiences can grab a drink and a bite to eat from one of the many outlets within the venue itself before the show begins.

The fact that fire is a hazard faced by all commercial kitchens in the hospitality and entertainment industry is a reality that venue management and operation company SMG are fully aware of. As world leaders in their field, SMG know that it’s absolutely critical to get the right advice and the right fire suppression systems for every venue they’re involved with.

Having worked on many other fire protection projects with Nobel Fire Systems, SMG commissioned Nobel to carry out an initial risk survey and then install their market leading K-Series kitchen system in the identified risk areas.

Designed around the specific requirements of the Arena, the K-Series wet chemical fire suppression systems now provide full protection to all the required cooking appliances, extract canopy and duct work.

Each system within the Arena is installed in stainless steel to increase its working life and performance qualities. And as aesthetics continue to be an increasingly important part of the design process of commercial kitchens, all the pipework, nozzles, fire detection and controls have been installed to meet the appearance, functionality and strict hygiene demands of the brief. In effect this means that the kitchen design has not been compromised by unattractive pipework, brackets and fixtures.

Nobel’s K-Series kitchen system is unlike other ‘mechanical’ systems as its electrical nature ensures that all circuits can be fully monitored for fault conditions. The result is that First Direct Arena and SMG now have total