Nobel installs K-Series at News Corp

Nobel Fire Systems has installed its award winning K-Series fire suppression system in the catering kitchen at News Corp, London. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Some of its best known titles include, The Sun, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, and GQ magazine.

Nobel worked closely with Britannia Ventilation on the installation of the system where the brief was to design and install a fire suppression system to meet the demanding fire safety criteria and at the same time maintain the high end aesthetics provided by the rest of the high quality kitchen equipment. This included protection of the six canopies installed by Britannia.

Each Nobel system is designed specifically around the client’s requirements allowing complete flexibility and control of the project in hand. As aesthetics continues to play a crucial role in the design process, as in the case of the News Corp project, all pipework, nozzles, fire detection and controls are installed in complete sympathy with the client’s instructions.

In addition, all K-Series systems are manufactured in stainless steel which enhances the working life and endurance of the product.

News Corp also has the benefit of K-Series being an electrical system rather than mechanical ensuring that all circuits can be fully monitored for any fault conditions and provides the end user with total confidence in the operational integrity of the complete system.

While it may not really be a story that hits the headlines, News Corp now has full fire protection to all appliances, extract canopies and ductwork. Enhanced safety, total reliability and complete monitoring of the system have all been achieved without any compromise as to the aesthetics of its catering kitchen.