Nobel gets fire suppression to a fine art

When the new Birmingham Arts Centre needed a fire suppression system fitted in the busy café kitchen, it naturally looked at the leading suppliers. In the end though, and after careful consideration of the tendering process, Nobel Fire Systems was commissioned by Ritchie Catering and has fitted its market leading K-Series fire suppression system to the kitchen’s cooking equipment and duct work.
With the large number of visitors flocking to this important aspect of Birmingham’s cultural life, it was critically important to pay special care and attention to the risk of fire given the fact that all kitchens always pose unique fire risks, particularly as they potentially gather big numbers of people together at any one time while also engaging in continuous commercial cooking activities. The new arts centre now has the assurance that the Nobel K-Series will continue to give full protection to all cooking equipment, canopy and duct work in its kitchen – protecting people as well as assets.
Mindful of the artistic nature of the environment in which the fire suppression equipment was to be fitted, Ritchie Catering deliberately looked for a cost-effective system that also met all the important aesthetic qualities required by the café kitchen. An integral part of the brief was that unsightly pipework and protruding nozzles manufactured in cheap looking copper or brass plating were to be avoided.
Nobel’s K-Series met that criteria perfectly and the company was also able to demonstrate its ability to fit the system quickly and efficiently through one of its specialist installation teams. The result as far as the Arts Centre was concerned was one of minimum disruption and downtime.
The Nobel Fire Systems K-Series is now in many of the UK’s and European leading commercial kitchens, underlining its ability to provide the right fire suppression answers to the most challenging situations. The K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected and are only designed following a comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the requirement of successful fire suppression and a client’s interruption potential.
’K-Series’ is one of the UK’s premier wet chemicals kitchen fire suppression systems and provides full protection to all cooking appliances, extract canopy and the extended duct work.
The system is electronically controlled with no mechanical moving parts. Installation comprises of a stainless steel cylinder containing a highly effective F class wet chemical liquid designed specifically for fast flame knock down and fire suppression. The low, near neutral pH value of the liquid ensures that there is no damage to the kitchen appliances, and as a direct consequence of the efficiency of K-Series in limiting the volume of liquid required to control the situation, there is minimal clean-up requirements following discharge.