Nobel Fire Systems to show Stat-X system at Plantworx 2013

Nobel is a UK based fire suppression company with extensive capabilities in the construction equipment industry. At Plantworx 2013, Nobel will be exhibiting on Stand C6, its range of automatic condensed aerosol fire suppression systems. Combining both science and technology Stat-X provides innovative and advanced fire protection for the most challenging operations in the construction equipment industry.
Stat-X fixed systems are highly-advanced automatic condensed aerosol fire suppression solutions. These unique, robust generators are eco-friendly and non-toxic, and are saving lives and protecting property for facilities, machinery, vehicles, and industrial sites around the globe. Capable of being manually, thermally or electrically activated by industry-standard control panels, Stat-X provides powerful, economic fire suppression solutions for the construction equipment industry.
Life threatening and dangerous fires can occur at any time in this demanding industry. Protecting vehicles, mobile equipment and electrical components from fire is made even more critical given the presence of large quantities of flammable diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Add to that the mix of hot exhausts and ancillary electrical hazards associated with heavy plant and you have all the ingredients for potential disaster. No wonder there’s so much reported damage to equipment, loss of production and of course, potential injury or death to site personnel.
The Nobel Stat-X system allows easy, cost-effective installations for all these types of challenging applications and if that’s not enough, the Stat-X application technology requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipework. All factors which result in significant installation and maintenance savings.