Nobel Fire Systems pulls out all the stops!

HEL Performance specialise in the manufacture of all stainless steel motorcycle and automotive brake lines and hoses for the motorsport sector in over 71 countries around the world. They are the only company in the UK to manufacture all mainline fittings in house on their own in-house Star Micronics CNC Machines.
These machines are at the cutting edge of sliding head CNC technology and provide the accuracy, repeatability, reliability and lower cycle times on turned parts that HEL Performance need.
Not surprisingly the machines are an integral part of the company’s on-going success and from an insurance point of view, the risk of any potential disruption needed to be minimised. Once installed, CNC sliding head lathes operate at high temperatures and often for hours at a time giving rise to the potential risk of fire.
It’s a fact that many Insurance companies usually want Fire Suppression fitted if CNC machines are running overnight with minimum or no operator supervision in what is termed a “lights out” operation.
This was an area that HEL Performance was keen to eliminate and the UK’s leading fire suppression specialists Nobel Fire Systems were called in to provide a risk based analysis across the Star Micronics CNC Machines.
Analysis showed that Nobel’s Stat-X range of fire suppression units could be fitted to each individual machine, fitted in hours by Nobel’s specialist installation team, and providing effective fire protection to all critical areas.
Based on aerosol technology the Stat-X family of fire suppression systems is a patented potassium-based aerosol that suppresses fire by chemically ‘interfering’ with the free radicals of flame. In the event of a fire, Stat-X generators can be activated either manually or automatically via the integrated thermal detector. On activation, the generators produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol.
Unlike gaseous systems, Stat-X aerosol generators are very cost effective to install and maintain as they don’t require the pressure vessels, piping or expensive installation costs associated with other extinguishing systems. Space and weight requirements are minimal and make the task of fitting the system an easy and viable option. On an agent weight basis, Stat-X aerosol is ten times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives. Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals – terminating propagation of the fire. Stat-X aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free and have a shelf life of over 10 years. This, coupled to their very low installation cost, makes them an extremely cost effective fire protection solution.
Another big advantage lies in the fact that the Stat-X system is ecologically safe with zero ozone depletion and no global warming potential.
Nobel’s Stat-X application technology needs no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipework. The net result being significant installation and maintenance costs to end users.
Nobel’s Commercial Director Ben Parker commented, “We have great experience in the provision of fire suppression solutions for the machine tool industry and we’re delighted to have been able to provide this fire safety reassurance for such an important end user”