Nobel Fire Systems protects International Concert Venue Kitchens

Fire suppression company Nobel Fire Systems has installed its market leading K-Series kitchen system in two kitchens at Manchester’s international concert venue, The Bridgewater Hall. The venue has a capacity of 2,400 and currently hosts more than 250 performances a year.

Nobel was contracted for the project by the Bridgewater Hall’s management company, SMG Europe, a world leader in venue management.

In the main kitchen, a Nobel K-45 has been fitted which allows the kitchen appliances to be moved on a regular basis for cleaning purposes. Part of the brief highlighted that appliances are not always re-positioned in exactly the same place and therefore the fire suppression system had to be flexible enough to provide an overlapping facility to protect areas rather than specific appliances.
In a smaller kitchen, Nobel has installed a K-15 system to cover a fryer and burner.

The installations were carried out by Nobel’s dedicated team of engineers at times that best suited The Bridgewater Hall’s hectic schedule of events.

Both systems have now been seamlessly integrated into the kitchen’s working environment and as with all Nobel’s kitchen system’s; each is installed in stainless steel to enhance their working life and endurance.

Another important part of the SMG brief was to consider the aesthetic appearance of the systems to be installed. As such, all pipework, nozzles, detection and control have been installed in complete sympathy with the appearance, functionality and strict hygiene requirements of the kitchens at The Bridgewater Hall. In doing so, Nobel has ensured that the kitchen designer’s concept has not been compromised in any way by unsightly brackets and fixtures.

Lee Sinnot, Facilities Manager at SMG Europe commented
“Nobel has been our preferred supplier for fire suppression systems for quite some time; they’ve carried out a significant number of installations in some of our highest profile and newest entertainment venues. The engineers, technical support and sales teams have demonstrated a unique understanding of the fire safety equipment they supply. The systems have always been delivered on time on budget and without any disruption to the business.”