Nobel fire suppression system in Centrica’s iQ Building

The energy giant, Centrica has located its upstream oil and gas division into 60,000 square feet covering the top three floors of the £45 million iQ building in Aberdeen. The relocation was made earlier in the year and will allow the business to continue its planned expansion programme in Scotland while housing the current circa 300 onshore employees.
Situated within the facility is a fully equipped catering kitchen and as part of the overall relocation programme, special care and attention to all health and safety issues was made. High on the list of considerations was potential fire risk in the kitchen. It’s a well known fact that all commercial kitchens pose unique fire risks, gathering numbers of people at any one time while also engaging in cooking activities that inherently pose the risk of fire. Centrica needed a reliable, efficient and cost-effective fire suppression system that would protect the kitchen and potentially the whole of the iQ building from the danger of fire. After research and consultation, the market leading K-Series system by Nobel Fire Systems was chosen.
The recommendation to talk to Nobel Fire Systems initially came from Glasgow based Associate Engineering Scotland Ltd, and it was the outstanding capabilities demonstrated by Nobel Fire Systems, alongside positive feed-back from existing customers that led to the commissioning of the work. Nobel was able to satisfy all operating and safety requirements by fitting the UK’s premier wet chemicals kitchen fire suppression system K-Series in the new kitchen facility and has provided Centrica with full protection to its entire kitchen cooking appliances.
Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems commented; “We’re delighted to have worked with Associate Engineering and Centrica on this important project in Aberdeen. We’re fully aware of the special risks that are inherent in the volatile environment of commercial kitchens and every system we fit is designed following a comprehensive risk assessment taking into account the totality of the requirement and the client’s individual needs”.