Leisure Centre Kitchen Installs UK’s No.1 Suppression System

Located on Westmead, the Farnborough Leisure and Recreation Centre provide a host of activities to suit all ages. Sports, Gym Facilities, Treatment Rooms and much more make it one of the best leisure centres in the country. In addition, the Centre provides local businesses and individuals with meeting rooms for a variety of private functions.

With huge numbers of people using the extensive facilities on offer, it’s important that there is a range of quality food and drink available. The on-site café is set up to provide a range of healthy options including fresh salads, jacket potatoes, beef or vegetarian burgers and there are even chips for those not too fussy about sticking to healthy options.

All the food is freshly prepared in the café’s own kitchen and the operators mindful of their health and safety responsibilities have taken the precaution of protecting the kitchen’s range and appliances from the risk of fire by installing the UK’s premier kitchen fire suppression system – the K-Series from Nobel Fire Systems. Mindful of the fact that in the highly combustible environment of any commercial kitchen, the safety of visitors and staff is of paramount importance, the Leisure Centre now has full protection to all of its critical appliances, canopy and ductwork,

Not only does the K-Series system meet all fire suppression requirements, it also complies with any aesthetic qualities required with no ugly pipework to be boxed in or protruding nozzles on show.

Another important factor for the Leisure Centre was the speed and efficiency with which Nobel was able to install the system with minimum disruption at the time of installation.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems commented, “None of us can afford to be complacent when it comes to fire risk and safety issues because as we well know, complacency can have devastating consequences, particularly in venues like this where members of the public congregate at all times of day and night”.

Nobel’s K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected. The systems are electronically controlled with no mechanical moving parts. Installations comprise of one or a number of stainless steel cylinders, each containing a highly effective F class wet chemical liquid designed specifically for fast flame knock down and fire suppression. The low, near neutral pH value of the liquids ensures that there is no damage to the commercial kitchen appliances, and as a direct consequence of the efficiency of K-Series in limiting the volume of liquid required to control the situation, there is minimal clean-up requirements following discharge.

The Nobel K-Series has also been installed in many of the UK’s leading catering establishments including Jamie Oliver, Nando’s, Rick Stein, Cadbury Cocoa House, Boodle’s and many other premier brands.