Innovative Stat-X suppresses main causes of fryer fires

A common cause of fire in commercial kitchens and fast food outlets originates in the fryer’s internal compartments created by residual build-up of oil and grease and degradation of electrical components which provides fuel for fryer malfunctions. Nobel has addressed this very issue by conducting research and tests to utilise its market leading Stat-X condensed aerosol system to sit neatly inside the fryer, constantly ready for immediate action should a fire break out.

Stat-X is the only fire suppression system tested and approved by major QSRs for this application within fast food outlets. Cost effective, ecologically safe and providing protection of all high-value enclosures, Stat-X comes with no pipework or nozzles often associated with other fire suppression systems meaning it is ideal for installation within the tight confines of a fryer.

Environmentally friendly, with zero global warming potential, the Stat-X system is 10 times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives. Stat-X uses potassium which is recognised as one of the most effective fire suppression agents available. The innovative design and use of materials in the system means that once activated any small amounts of aerosol which may have settled can be easily and swiftly removed by blow down or wiping over. It also will not have any detrimental effect on the components it is installed to protect. Following rigorous testing and development, the US EPA has approved the system for use in occupied areas.

Nobel Fire Systems has built on over 30 years of reliable, proven technology to develop fire suppression technologies aimed at special risk environments. Nobel offers a complete range of services from risk-based analysis, consultation and design to distribution and installation by Nobel’s highly trained team. Systems can also be tailored to meet individual needs.

We will be showcasing our Stat-X system at HOST in Milan in October. Come along to Pav 7, Stand T53 to find out more and speak to our team. Alternatively, call us on 01706 625 777 to speak to one of our team about our Stat-X fire suppression system.