Halton Marine picks Nobel Fire Systems in market review

Founded in Finland in 1969, Halton Marine is renowned for manufacturing and marketing reliable, high quality ventilation solutions for the demanding international marine market. Ever mindful of the needs of ship owners and operators, recent changes to SOLAS requirements led Halton Marine to review the market to look for a partner who could provide optimum efficiency in terms of cutting installation and commissioning time on board while meeting the requirements of ISO 15371 with regard to galley fire suppression. Following exhaustive discussions with leading suppliers, Halton Marine chose to work with Nobel Fire Systems and its K-5 marine fire suppression system. K-5 is a fully independent system that is electrically actuated and uses spot heat detectors to detect fire conditions. Detectors are sited directly over the appliance being protected or alternatively in the extract air flow above the appliance. Cooking appliances can be individually protected or multiple systems can be configured to meet specific needs. Nobel Fire Systems have worked closely with Halton to achieve a fire suppression system that together with Halton hoods provide an outstanding solution to on-board safety and health issues in the galley. Installation of the K-5 fire suppression system into the galley hood is carried out at the factory providing owners and operators with direct savings on board. Design is simple and compact with no high pressure gas cartridges and no mechanical pulleys, tensioners, levers or spring loaded plungers. The system facilitates real time monitoring for fire and fault conditions.