Data Centres do burn!

“Here at Nobel Fire Systems we’ve been saying for some time that there can be very few applications where the absolute reliability of operation of the fire suppression equipment is more business critical than in a data room” says Ian Bartle, Managing Director of Nobel Fire Systems.

 The major fire at a Samsung data centre in South Korea a few days ago proved our point conclusively. The fire which as the picture shows caused considerable damage to the building itself, also caused a data outage for global users of Samsung devices.

Fortunately, reports indicate that no one was seriously hurt in the fire with just one staff member suffering cuts and bruises caused by falling debris. It could have course been considerably worse had the rest of the staff not been able to evacuate the building in time.

Data services were affected for a number of hours causing massive disruption for users and investigations in to how the fire started are still underway.

Let there be no doubt that fire damage in a Data Room or say a Networking Infrastructure can have devastating consequences. Effective and reliable suppression is essential and it’s therefore important to obtain advice from an experienced supplier so that the correct balance between protection and cost is obtained. At Nobel Fire Systems the policy is always to share a complete understanding of the overall risk and only on that basis will it be then possible to take a fully informed approach to providing the most appropriate solution.

According to Bartle, while the primary objective is always to save lives and property, innovative fire protection can now do a whole lot more. Today it combines science and economics and matches these qualities to total effectiveness and reliability. It’s an ideal combination to meet the needs of all data centres.