BP Forecourt fire protection by Nobel Fire Systems

In the majority of industrial operations, fire presents a risk which can be defined in terms of financial loss through infrastructure and business down time, or the life safety of employees and the surrounding population. This is never more relevant than when applied to the fire risk associated with garage forecourts. While the containment of fuel on forecourts is heavily regulated and generally adhered to, fire risk is always a possibility and therefore operators continue to ensure that the optimum fire protection measures are in place which relate to both fire prevention and control.
As part of this policy, the specialist construction services company, Toureen Contractors recently engaged Nobel Fire Systems to install a foam deluge system to protect an LPG tank on a BP garage forecourt at St Leonards in East Sussex.
The Nobel system will upon actuation deluge and coat the immediate area and tank underside with a protective barrier of foam to protect against any outside source of fire affecting the cylinder.
Ben Parker, Commercial Director at Nobel Fire Systems commented,
“The rise of alternative fuels has created new fire protection challenges for forecourts. That’s why owners and contractors insist on the best fire suppression systems being fitted on site. We’re delighted to have been involved in this particular project”.