Acting on the advice of its insurance company and following a thorough search for a reputable fire protection company, Hollingsworth & Vose selected Nobel Fire Systems to design and install a bespoke fire suppression system to protect the air filtration facilities in Cumbria.

Hollingsworth & Vose has a global reputation for cutting edge filter technology, designing respirator media that protect users from inhaling hazardous air by removing unhealthy dust particles, fumes, smoke, organic vapours and gases.

Its state-of-the-art production facilities required a complete update of the existing fire protection system and included the server and rack room, industrial compressors, switch cabinets, gas burners and diesel fuelled heaters.

Given the criticality of the work, the company was keen to employ a team of fire suppression experts who already had a proven track record of innovation and dependability and with whom they could work to achieve the best cost effective and totally reliable solution. Nobel’s approach of focusing on the risk and not just on products was one that immediately resonated with the H&V management team.
Following a complete fire safety assessment Nobel recommended a bespoke and totally self-contained fire systems with battery operated control panel and individual smoke detection systems throughout the risk areas.

The fire system selected was Nobel’s Stat-X, the self-contained, environmentally friendly fire suppression system that requires no pipework or nozzles and with each unit capable of being sized for volume protection.

Nobel recommended Stat-X on the grounds of cost-effectiveness; speed of installation and also for the fact that in this type of operational building, the installation process is far less intrusive. Stat-X is an innovative, self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system, proven to be extremely effective in use across a wide range of applications and is especially effective where there is a need to protect critical areas and high value enclosures. Combining science and economics, it’s the advanced method for protecting more challenging applications.

Commenting on the work, company spokesperson Jasber Singh said, “We are acutely aware of the danger of fire in our sector of manufacturing and wanted to do all we could to mitigate the risk factor. We therefore worked closely with Nobel Fire Systems to introduce measures that could protect our staff and the premises in which we operate”.

The complete installation from beginning to end took approximately 12 weeks and was scheduled to meet the requirements of machine operations while also ensuring that no down time was incurred during the installation period.