Barclays 'bank' on Nobel for service and training

Barclays Bank has call centres all over the UK. A recent risk assessment highlighted that the call centres staff had not been trained in the use and operation of the installed fire suppression equipment in the on-site restaurants and kitchens.
Acting immediately, Barclays called in Nobel Fire Systems who have been servicing the equipment for a number of years. Nobel put together a full training programme
with the aim of providing Barclays staff with all the necessary knowledge and skills required. The training was delivered in-house, with a programme that best suited Barclays time and date restrictions. The programme included:
• The function of kitchen fire suppression
• Cooking appliances covered by the system
• Brief description of the fire suppression system
• Activation of the system – Automatic and Manual
• What to expect on activation
• Clean up after activation
It was followed by an informative Question and Answer session to ensure full understanding of all the topics covered during each training programme.
At the end of each session, a ‘record of training’ certificate was presented to all individuals who attended.
Nobel Fire Systems continually aim to supply a competitively priced superior quality service that’s tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Within this one of our primary business objectives is to provide training programmes that will allow clients to fully understand the benefits of the fire suppression systems fitted. Once our clients have completed the tailor-made training courses we don’t then simply walk away from them. In fact it’s just the opposite as our training staff are made available whenever needed.