A Winning Combination

Nobel Fire Systems and YCE Catering continue to develop their long standing working relationship and provide specifiers, designers and end users with the ultimate in commercial catering equipment and fire suppression systems.

Installations are taking place nationwide across the hospitality, leisure, public and private sectors where the approach is always to ensure right first time, innovative, tailored and fully integrated solutions that meet individual needs.

Since its formation in 1980, YCE has built a reputation as a respected catering equipment company while Nobel’s K-Series is acknowledged as one of Europe’s premier kitchen fire suppression systems. At Nobel, the entire focus is on fire suppression technologies for special risk environments, with a strong belief that early fire detection and fast effective suppression will ultimately save lives, and property.

The company take pride in providing a seamless customer experience, from survey to installation, through to maintenance, ensuring all fire protection needs are catered for throughout the life cycle of the system.

That’s why businesses like Claridge’s, Caprice Holdings Group, Jamie Oliver, Holiday Inn, and many other famous brands continue to install the industry leading K-Series fire suppression systems in their kitchens. Aesthetic appeal, reliability, flexibility of product and people, global reputation, and the award winning K-Series system with its extended ductwork protection capability are some of the key reasons why the company has become the acknowledged fire suppression market leader for the catering industry

While YCE Catering provides cutting edge catering equipment, it’s recognised that a critical part of any commercial kitchen design must also include that of fire protection given the nature and potential volatility of any commercial kitchen. However, while it’s imperative that the system installed has the ability to meet the most stringent fire protection requirements, it’s also critical that it maintains the aesthetics provided by the rest of the high quality kitchen equipment.

Many traditional fire suppression systems require ugly pipework that either runs along walls and ceilings or alternatively has to be boxed in. These systems also tend to display cheap looking copper or brass plated nozzles that usually protrude through the kitchen’s canopy or vented ceiling. Nobel’s K-Series system is manufactured in stainless steel which in addition to looking good also increases its working life and performance qualities.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel commented.
“We’re particularly pleased to have formed such a close and productive working relationship with YCE Catering. The combination of their quality catering products together with the backing of Nobel’s premium kitchen fire suppression system is one that is appreciated by the industry in general and we look forward to even greater success in the future”.