Today, the K-Series system still remains the only all electrical fire suppression system available and the Company continues to update and innovate its control panels to ensure superior fire protection for all types of applications.

The AVANTIS range of fire suppression panels is the latest version from Nobel and takes the lead in modernising fire protection across numerous commercial and industrial user applications. The guiding philosophy behind the new panels is one of combining compliance requirements with cutting edge components and advanced functionality.

The introduction of this new, exciting technology has the ability to transform traditional business practices and offers new levels of intelligence, interaction and user friendly programmability.

The user interface provides both audible and visual indications of fire and fault conditions in an easily understandable format regardless of the local personnel’s language.

Throughout 2017 Nobel will introduce additional and innovative add-on functionality that will further increase usability. The AVANTIS panels provide ground breaking features and benefits to a wide range of user sectors.

Nobel Avantis benefits include:


  • Audible and visual indication of fires/fault conditions
  • Multi-area protection with single intelligent point of information
  • Easy integration to alarms and BMS
  • Can easily integrate for power and gas isolation
  • Can aid safety and assist with RFO Reform obligations
  • 72 hour battery backup
  • Compliance with all required standards


  • Touch screen technology
  • Provides new levels of intelligence and interaction
  • Superior functionality
  • Real time system monitoring and reporting
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • System provides simple scalability
  • Aesthetic panel design to suit every installation requirement
  • User friendly programmability
  • Multi-area protection with single intelligent point of information

Maintenance & Installation

  • Simple single cable installation linking to the Avantis touch screen
  • Easy integration to alarms and BMS
  • Can easily integrate for power and gas isolation
  • System provides the facility of being able to position the new touch screen in a convenient location to meet your business needs. i.e. an adjoining room or even on another floor of the building
  • Service history recording
  • Can potentially reduce insurance costs