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With BESS identified by our own data as the fastest-growing area of fire protection here in the UK, the very real risk that lithium-ion batteries pose when it comes to fire safety, particularly thermal runaway, is more prominent a point of discussion than ever before.

This year’s Energy Storage Summit will explore this topic in detail, looking at mitigating the risk of BESS fires and discussing how to instil frameworks that prioritise safety within your business.

Nobel is the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of Stat-X®, which is now the fire suppression system of choice for many leading BESS integrators globally, as well as a UK distributor of the Li-on Tamer® lithium-ion battery rack (off-gas) monitoring system.

We advocate a 3-stage fire protection solution for lithium-ion BESS:

Stage 1 Prevention → Li-on Tamer® off-gas detection and early warning alert
Stage 2 Containment → Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression
Stage 3 Cooling → Backup Watermist deluge

Find out more about our 3-stage BESS fire solution.

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