Transport - Case Study

Viva Rail

Industry: Transport
Product: Foam

As part of Nobel’s work with the rail industry, the team has been working closely with Viva Rail to provide primarily foam-based fire suppression systems for the generator sets on their diesel rafts.

Viva Rail is using former London tube trains and converting them to diesel trains to run on the mainline network.

Nobel carried out detailed risk assessments to deduce the requirements and potential issues that may arise from using specific fire suppression systems. On thorough scrutinization of the equipment being used in the generator sets and the highly flammable materials being used, the team recommended a number of options to Viva Rail who ultimately had a preference to use a primarily foam-based fire suppression system.

The correct selection of the fire suppression system, fire detection, integration to relevant controls and shut-downs enables fast management and control of the fire scenario – which is mandatory given the highly flammable nature of diesel, the small space inside the generator sets, and the potential risk to life.