Renewable Energy - Case Study


Industry: Renewable Energy
Product(s): Foam, Water Mist, Gas, Flame Detection, Thermal Imaging

Working With World Leader Suez

An on-going project working with this world leader providing complete site protection to the largest waste to energy site on the Isle of Man. Nobel is providing a fully comprehensive fire suppression solution, utilising specialist equipment and a range of fire suppression products to previously unprotected areas, as well as upgrading and replacing existing fire systems within the plant to meet the demands of insurers.


The combination of products being used includes; foam enhanced sprinklers, mobile water cannons, gaseous fire suppression systems, flame detection and thermal imaging protecting areas such as the main waste pit, hoppers, electric turbine hall, MCC room and incinerators.

Nobel has been involved in the project from day 1 and the consultative ‘fire risk’ approach adopted has ensured that all concerned are satisfied that the Suez plant on the Isle of Man will be fully protected across all aspects of its operation.