Property - Case Study


Industry: Property
Product: Water Mist

Nobel Fire Systems has installed numerous high pressure water mist systems across Barclaycards sites in the UK. The systems are installed to protect various areas of the buildings, from back-up generator rooms to sub-stations.

Barclays have a commitment to environmentally efficient fire protection and realise the benefits over traditional sprinkler system while at the same time providing an efficient and highly dependable fire safety system.

The benefits of water mist are created through the more efficient use of the available water supplies with nozzles designed to produce much smaller droplets of water, approximately 1/100th the size of those in sprinkler systems. This increases the surface area interface with the fire and so absorbs much higher levels of heat energy. In general, HP water mist systems will use 90% less water than used by sprinklers, with the added advantage of also being able to cover larger areas of their property.

In each case the systems have been installed by Nobel’s specialist team of fitters quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. Barclaycard has expressed total satisfaction with the installations and continue with the programme of installations – a case of Nobel Fire Systems achieving another high credit rating from a satisfied customer.