Marine - Case Study

Damen Shipyard Group

Industry: Marine
Product: Condensed Aerosol System

Damen is an international shipyard group that operates in numerous niche markets including Harbour & Terminal, Offshore, Offshore Wind, Defence & Security, Public Transport, Shipping, Fishing, Dredging, Pontoons and Barges and Yachting.

The group offers a wide range of services covering the lifecycle of the vessel; from start-up, through deployment to lifetime extension.

Part of Damen’s commitment is ensuring high standards of life safety on board their vessels, as such when it came to engine compartment fire protection Damen wanted to use the best available system on the market. As such Damen continue to work with our distributor, Marine Fire Safety, to install Nobel’s Stat-x condensed aerosol fire suppression system Stat-x condensed aerosol fire suppression system within the engine compartments of many of their vessels.

Damen were attracted to Stat-x marine fire suppression system due to its obvious space and weight savings against conventional gaseous fire suppression systems, making installation more economical and practical and in particular greatly speeding up the recharge procedure.