Industrial - Case Study

Pilkington PLC

Industry: Industrial
Product: Dry Chemical

Recognised by One of the World’s Largest Manufacturers

When a world leader like Pilkington plc asks you to help protect its production facility from the risk of fire you know you’re well respected. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products and the market leader in the global Flat Glass Industry, Pilkington commissioned Nobel Fire Systems to install an a complete industrial fire suppression system to protect chemical process rooms as well as an evaporation and metering room.

To do the job, a Dry Chemical Powder Fire suppression system has been installed. Each room is equipped with its own dry powder storage tank and equipped with hazardous area detectors which are cross zoned, and work on a coincidence principle. On 1st stage alarm, a bell will sound which will warn of a potential fire condition. If the incident escalates to a point where a second detector picks up a fire condition then the 2nd stage strobe and alarm will sound confirming imminent discharge. To complete the system, each room will have a dedicated suppressant release panel installed in a non zoned area.