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Jaguar Land Rover

Industry: Industrial
Product: Condensed Aerosol System

Nobel Installs System Meeting All Fire Protection Requirements

The Jaguar Land Rover Product Compliance Centre in Solihull is one of the finest purpose-built end-of-line facilities in Europe and represents an important part of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to reducing emissions and working toward greater environmental efficiency.

A critical part of the Centre is the emissions control room where the Company analyse the performance of their vehicles across all stages. The room houses approximately £3m worth of gas analysis kit which is all ‘bespoke’ and on a 12 month lead time. Given the ‘business critical’ aspect of this room and its equipment, Jaguar Land Rover demanded that the ultimate fire suppression system was fitted as a safeguard against any possible outbreak of fire.

Jaguar Land Rover asked Nobel Fire Systems to install a system to meet all fire protection requirements – and as the whole of the Centre is state of the art, the fire suppression system also needed to match the quality and efficiency of all other equipment housed within the emissions control room.

To fully meet the brief, Nobel has fitted its cutting edge Stat-X condensed aerosol system. It’s a self-contained, environmentally friendly suppression system that is ideally suited to cope with the special challenges associated with providing effective fire detection and suppression for this extremely demanding situation.

The compact nature of Stat-X means that space and weight requirements are minimal – an important consideration in the JLR emissions control room. Four units have been installed and are placed strategically to protect the entire risk area.