Industrial - Case Study

Environmental Resource Group

Industry: Industrial
Product: Condensed Aerosol System

It’s reported that a major fire takes place at a waste or recycling company every day on average in the UK. The effects of a fire can be felt long after the flames have died down; disruption in the form of down time, cost of damage to buildings and stock not only from the blaze but also from the dousing water used to quell the flames, not to mention the potential personal injury and harm to the environment. It’s unsurprisingly therefore that many traditional composite insurers are withdrawing from the sector with those remaining raising their premiums and policies becoming increasingly more onerous with stricter terms and conditions.

With those facts in mind, Environmental Resource Group (ERG) looked to be even more proactive and do all it could to mitigate the risk of fire at its permitted facilities. According to Aron James the group’s CEO, the business was acutely aware of the danger of fire particularly in its specialist sector which includes the collection and disposal of hazardous waste removal. Acting on a recommendation, ERG worked with Nobel Fire Systems to introduce measures that would protect both staff and buildings at various locations.

As a result, a number of ‘Stat-X’ first responder condensed aerosol units have been strategically positioned throughout ERG’s permitted facilities providing an immediate fire suppression capability in the higher risk areas. It’s ideal solution for ERG and required minimum installation time due to the fact that the system requires no pipework or nozzles.

First responder handheld units have a pull actuator than can be thrown into areas with active fire and provide immediate fire suppression, slowing a fire for long enough for fire fighters to arrive.

"As a business owner this gives me peace of mind to know that we are doing all we can to protect our people, plant and property. There are unfortunately a number of cases where a fire in our industry has resulted in people and businesses being badly affected. Working with a professional company like Nobel meant that we were able to take advantage of their knowledge and capabilities without diverting our own attentions away from the mainstream business. They were able to provide a complete service from risk based analysis through to installation and on-going service and maintenance."

Aron James, CEO at Environmental Resource Group