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Industry: Industrial
Product(s): Water Mist, Condensed Aerosol System

Design and Install Numerous Fire Suppression Systems

The team at Nobel were instructed to design and install numerous fire suppression systems for BASF at a number of sites in the UK including Bradford and at BASF Pharma Callanish.

At Callanish there is a significant value in both the process and stock around the manufacturing of highly-concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids.

Working closely with the team to get an in-depth understanding of their specific requirements and carrying out a thorough risk assessment, the team at Nobel recommended various bespoke fire suppression systems including an AFFF-ARC mist fire suppression system, low-pressure water mist systems to hazardous area storage facilities, and localised Stat-X for plant and process protection. The choice of each system required detailed analysis of the risk with BASF fire advisors and plant management, and provided a multi-integrated fire suppression system approach to the whole risk portfolio.

There were numerous requirements for this particular site which meant a combination of complementary fire suppression systems would work most effectively in protecting the site in the event of a fire whilst minimising damage and downtime. The team at Nobel used their expertise and capabilities to create a bespoke and all-purpose fire suppression solution for this complex site.