Data Protection - Case Study


Industry: Data Protection
Product: Condensed Aerosol System

Stat-X Proved Far Superior in this Particular Risk Environment

The Nobel team are currently commissioning their bespoke Stat-X condensed aerosol fire suppression systems in 66 air handling units to be used for controlling air and temperature at a data centre in Dublin for Weatherite.

Originally, FM200 was specified as the suggested fire suppression product but the Nobel team worked with Weatherite and the project fire consultants to provide a more efficient fire suppression system. Stat-X proved far superior in this particular risk environment to that of a chemical gas suppression system. Stat-X has the ability to stay suspended in the atmosphere for extended periods greatly increasing the hold time and post-fire security. With no pipework or nozzles to install and no footprint taken up by cylinders, it was a much more straightforward installation into the air handling units on site at Weatherite’s factory in the UK, followed by commissioning at the data centre in Dublin.

The team at Nobel worked closely with the Weatherite team and their construction design consultant to carry out comprehensive risk assessments. The in-depth research and understanding of their specific needs and limitations allowed the Nobel team to provide them with the ideal, bespoke solution.