Data Protection - Case Study

North East Ambulance Service

Industry: Data Protection
Product: Gas

Nobel Fire Systems has installed an Argon-Nitrogen Inert Gas (IG55) fire suppression clean agent system to protect the main server room from fire at North East Ambulance H/Q at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The absolute protection of the computer system at the ambulance headquarters is of paramount importance and while the focus of fire suppression is usually one of quickly limiting the amount of damage a fire can cause, sometimes that’s just not enough.

Critical facilities such as server rooms require an even higher level of protection of data from fire. In this case, North East Ambulance Service relies totally on the data files held by the computer system as it continues to make a difference to the lives of people in the North East community through its integrating care and transport service.

Traditional water based agents are electrically conductive and can cause current flow resulting in damage to sensitive electrical equipment such as computers. North East Ambulance Service can’t afford the problems associated with the problem of clean up, drying out equipment and any resultant loss of service capability so Nobel designed and installed a gaseous fire suppression systems that covers all risks within the main server room.

“Nobel provides the design, installation and servicing of all gaseous systems with the risk to be protected dictating the choices available. We’re particularly proud to have been involved in this project for North East Ambulance Service and to have been able to use our expertise in this way to assist such a critical service operation”

Ben Parker, Commercial Director at Nobel