Catering - Case Study

Radisson Blu Hotel

Industry: Catering
Product: K-Series

The iconic Radisson Blu Hotel is situated in the centre of Bristol and has 176 bedrooms as well as a thriving conference centre. Catering for guests and conference attendees as well as local residents, the Filini Restaurant & Bar within the hotel is therefore kept extremely busy.

Along with a number of other potential suppliers, Nobel was invited to ‘pitch’ for the fire protection work in the commercial kitchen.

While protection for the kitchen and its appliances was relatively straightforward, it was agreed that the project also required extended duct protection – immediately posing a significant problem for ‘mechanical’ suppression systems. The ductwork in the restaurant kitchen runs horizontally for approximately 5 meters before rising vertically inside a service duct through 7 floors to an extraction point. Clearly this presented a potential fire risk and after carefully examining the alternative fire suppression systems available, the Nobel Fire Systems ‘K-Series’ was judged to offer the optimum solution as it provides full protection to all cooking appliances, extract canopy and the extended duct work.

Nobel has installed a number of integrated systems within the Hotel’s ducting from kitchen appliance to extract point. The total installation was carried out in just three nights to ensure minimum disruption to the running of the hotel’s busy schedule. The system is electronically controlled, fully monitored and with no mechanical moving parts.

“The fact that Radisson Blu required a fire suppression system that would efficiently cope with the extended ductwork meant that our ‘K-Series with its electronic detection and integration capability fitted the bill perfectly.

Not only that, we were able to install the complete system quickly and efficiently around the incredibly busy Hotel schedule”.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director at Nobel