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Hotel Plaza Athénée

Industry: Catering
Product: K-Series

Equipped with Full Fire Protection

Having celebrated its first 100 years as one of the world’s great luxury hotels, the Hotel Plaza Athénée, situated in the heart of Paris is continuing to invest in taking the ‘luxury experience’ to new levels. This includes the world famous Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée restaurant which serves contemporary French Haute cuisine in the magnificent revamped décor by designer Patrick Jouin. In addition, the hotels four other renowned restaurants continue to delight guests, ranging from Le Relais Plaza, a chic grill room, to La Terrasse Montaigne with its quality range of elegant snacks.

While the hotel has gone to great lengths to ensure that the look and feel of its restaurants provide guests with outstanding food and a memorable ambiance, great regard has also been put into the design and fitting out of the kitchens which serve each of the individual restaurants. While the design and layout of the kitchens vary according to size and shape, a common link between them is that the equipment is both practical and sympathetic in design terms to the restaurant environment.

A critical element within the design of any commercial kitchen is that of fire protection. In the case of the Hotel Plaza Athénée, it was imperative that while the system installed had the ability to meet the most stringent fire protection requirements, it was also required to maintain the aesthetic appeal provided by the rest of the high quality kitchen equipment.

GS Environnement, distributor of Nobel Fire Systems products and one of France’s leading experts on fire suppression and protection were consulted and after an initial risk-based analysis was carried out, GSE recommended that 14 of Nobel’s K-Series kitchen system be fitted across the four restaurant kitchens.

The K-Series wet chemical fire suppression system is Europe’s leading kitchen fire suppression system and provides tailor made solutions to meet the specific demands of restaurant owners.

Nobel’s K-Series systems have been integrated seamlessly into each individual kitchen by GSE’s engineers, with each system electronically controlled and with no mechanical moving parts. All key components are manufactured in stainless steel to enhance the working life and endurance of the product.

The end result is the Hotel Plaza Athénée now has full fire protection to all appliances, extract canopies and ductwork. Enhanced safety, total reliability and complete monitoring of the system have all been achieved without any compromise as to the aesthetics of this magnificent and unique hotel.

“Since 2007 GSE has installed more than 500 NFS K-Series fire suppression systems throughout the French territories. Enquiries continue to rise as the catering industry realise that in their very demanding environment where speed is critical and is combined with naked flames and flammable, hot liquids, the risk of fire never goes away. Our comprehensive range of products and services for this special risk environment is based on innovative solutions that are economically, socially and environmentally practical”.

Yves Marx, Director of GS Environnement

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