Catering - Case Study

Greene King

Industry: Catering
Product: K-Series

Greene King is one of the UK’s highest quality, most trusted and best value managed pub company with a portfolio of over 800 pubs nationwide. It’s renowned throughout the industry for its professionalism and well run establishments and that’s one of the reasons it took the key decision to ensure the highest standards of fire protection across its sites.

It’s one of Nobel’s longest established clients and the understanding and empathy that exists between the two businesses ensures that Nobel can always provide the right fire suppression package to meet the stringent demands of Greene King.

“We are a leading food led business, passionate about standards, quality and provenance. We care about the physical environment in which our customers relax and our staff operate. As such, safety issues are always on our agenda and we know from experience that working with Nobel Fire Systems means that fire suppression is one area that is well taken care of”.

The system fitted across the pubs is Nobel Fire System’s K-Series, one of the UK’s premier wet chemicals kitchen fire suppression systems. The K-Series provides full protection to all cooking appliances, extract canopy and duct work. In addition, the system meets the aesthetic qualities required in the pub kitchens and importantly, is always fitted quickly and efficiently by Nobel Fire Systems installation teams.