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Allianz Insurance Prefers Nobel for Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

As one of the UK’s top three general insurers in the UK, Allianz Insurance naturally demands that its suppliers are also the best in their respective businesses. That’s why Allianz has chosen Nobel Fire Systems as its preferred systems manufacturer and provider for Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.

Allianz know that in fire insurance terms, cooking materials are one of the most frequent items to accidently ignite. Restaurant, hotel and pub kitchens with their cooking ranges, deep fryers and cooking grills pose unique risks as they continually engage in catering activities for large numbers of people.

So not surprisingly Allianz continually carries out detailed reviews of available services, products and quality standards relating to fire protection systems in commercial kitchens. The overall capabilities demonstrated by Nobel Fire Systems, plus the positive feed-back from existing customers has led to Nobel attaining Allianz “Preferred Supplier” status.

“This is a landmark achievement for NFS and acknowledges our professionalism and commitment to working with insurers to ensure that they receive the highest possible protection solutions for all their clients.

The combination of products and services which are all tailored to meet the individual needs of end users means that our clients and the clients of Allianz Insurance receive protection to the highest possible standards. The minimising of potential fire risk means that kitchen owners can get on with running their businesses in what is already a difficult and demanding working environment”.

Ben Parker, Commercial Director at Nobel