Brandbekämpfung für risikoreiche Bereiche

Spark Detection

Nobel Fire Systems has teamed up with Atexon to provide a truly cutting edge spark detection solution that complements our range of fire suppression technology.The spark detection and fire extinguishing system is designed to stop ignition sources from getting into dust explosion hazardous areas, such as silos and filters. Extremely fast and sensitive spark detectors detect ignition sources in a millisecond and start the water extinguishing system. The extinguishing normally lasts for 5 seconds and stops automatically.

This is an ideal solution for companies working in industry sectors such as wood, bioenergy, recycling, paper, food, textile and fibre-reinforced plastic. Atexon products are ATEX certified and they also conform to CEA regulations.


Advanced Spark Detection Technology – Atexon V300EX

The patented V300EX spark detection family offers supreme detection technology for fast fire prevention. The extra wide field of view and detection spectrum and daylight filter make it possible to use the detector in a wider range of working conditions.

  • 180° field of view
  • Detects light-emitting sparks
  • Detects coal heat even under 300 °C
  • Low and protected lens construction
  • ATEX approved model for zone categories 20, 21 and 22
  • Model VF300EX includes a daylight filter

Mounting principle of the spark detection and fire extinguishing system

  1. The spark detectors detect the ignition sources in a millisecond.
  2. The extinguishing unit extinguishes sparks and embers with a small amount of water.
  3. The signal router guides and monitors the extinguishing event.
  4. The VR18Z control panel monitors the whole system.
  5. The signal device gives alarms using a combined strobe/sounder.
  6. The blower controller stops the blowers in case of overheating or a spark shower.
  7. The overheat sensing cable monitors the blower bearings and the blower perimeter
  8. The pressure booster controller guides the water pump and the heat tracing cables
  9. The pressure booster ensures airless extinguishing water with correct pressure.

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