Brandbekämpfung für risikoreiche Bereiche

Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression expertise that’s worth taking on board

There may be significant differences in size and usage but all marine vessels, boats and offshore oil rigs have one thing in common, an absolute commitment to avoiding a fire on board.

The obvious implications of a fire at sea, coupled with highly flammable materials and compact spaces mean even small fires can be dangerous. The proximity of the galley and the engine compartment to passengers and crew requires dedicated marine fire suppression systems that can automatically suppress offshore fires in an instant.

Both Nobel’s K5 galley and Stat-X engine compartment fire suppression systems are built to offer comprehensive fire protection to the most vulnerable areas on board. Nobel also know how important regulations are in the maritime industry, that’s why both our systems comply to the latest standards and have accreditation from all the major class authorities and approval bodies.

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