Brandbekämpfung für risikoreiche Bereiche

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Ask how our fire suppression systems can help your productivity

The cornerstone of any successful economy is having its manufacturing industry running 24/7. The downside is that this often includes the use of flammable liquids and materials which can in turn present serious fire hazards. Whatever the machinery or plant involved, from CNC machines cutting with oil, to generator sets running on diesel, the powering of commerce has inherent risks.

Nobel understand that industrial applications require robust industrial fire suppression systems, capable of detecting and suppressing fires in unforgiving and often unmanned environments, ensuring business critical machinery is protected whatever the circumstances.

That’s why our fire suppression systems go the extra mile. From our hermetically sealed stainless steel Stat-X units tested to US military standards including withstanding IED blasts to our industry leading gas, water mist, foam and dry chemical systems. Whatever your challenge, we have an industrial fire protection system to ensure your facility stays productive and safe.

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