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Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Nobel Fire Systems offer the full range of watermist fire suppression systems, a highly effective alternative to fire sprinkler systems. The watermist fire suppression systems operate over a wide range of pressures and flows to achieve different performance, capabilities and functions.

Low pressure (4-14 bar).
Medium pressure (14-30 Bar).
High pressure (100-110 bar).

Water is environmentally friendly and has a natural ability to absorb heat and by manipulating pressure and nozzle design the effective surface area of the water droplet can be increased, creating a much larger interface with the fire.

As a result water achieves a much greater energy absorption efficiency. Watermist fire suppression systems can be delivered via dedicated pump systems or by stand alone cylinder batteries. The mist created protects against radiated heat and helps to prevent fire spread.

An advantage of watermist fire suppression systems is that the lower volumes of water required, in comparison to fire sprinkler systems, means that pipework diameters and storage capacities decrease accordingly. Our watermist fire suppression systems have many world wide approvals for both land and marine applications.

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