Brandbekämpfung für risikoreiche Bereiche

Foam Fire Suppression Systems

The Nobel range of foam fire suppression systems facilitates modular, self contained local application systems designed to fight fires at source. Through efficient risk based analysis production facilities, process, plant and machinery spaces can be broken down into specific protection areas enabling fast effective fire suppression, reducing the effects of fire damage and down time.

These systems can use the full range of fire fighting foams and utilise low pressure (4-14 bar) mist technology nozzles. The risk dictates the suppression medium, type and quantity of nozzles used, their position and flow rates. Correct selection of the fire detection system, integration to controls and shut downs enables fast management and control of the fire scenario.

Systems are available from 5 litres capacity and up, with the maximum size only dictated by efficiency and economies of scale.

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