Brandbekämpfung für risikoreiche Bereiche

Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Nobel Fire Systems provides the design, installation and servicing of a full range of gaseous fire suppression systems. The risk to be protected dictates the choices available, taking into consideration the effect on the environment, type of fire risk, physical constraints, building structure and location, practicality and economic considerations.

All the gaseous fire suppression mediums have their own advantages and limitations when applied to protect different risks.

With our comprehensive range of gaseous fire suppression systems Nobel Fire Systems is able to provide an independent solution mindful of the aforementioned elements.

Each gaseous fire suppression system would be installed to the relevant British and European standards: BS ISO 14520 and any guidelines that appertain to the type of gas being used.

Chemical gases;
FM 200 ; HFC 227 ; HFC125 ; FE13 ; Novec1230

Inert Gases;
IG 541; IG 55 ; IG 100 ; IG 01 (Argon Nitrogen Co2; Argon Nitrogen ; Argonite; Argogen)


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